Parish Council – Executive

Rector’s Warden – Jesma O’Hara has a passion for seeing lives changed through the study and practical application of God’s Word and has written many books and articles, and teaches in many nations throughout the world. She has been a board member of Nambour Christian College for over 25 years, and chairperson for 13 years. Together with husband John she established Neighbours Aid Community Stores. 

manueladarling.comthailand2014nov-5People’s Warden – Craig Blake
and his wife Karen are part of our Worship Team, they have 3 children and 2 Grandchildren. Craig is a Workplace Consultant, assisting business with employees, compliance, Occupational Health & Safety and more. He is also a volunteer business mentor in the Mentor for Growth program.


Treasurer – John O’Hara owned a landscaping business for years before he and his wife owners Jesma established Neighbours Aid Community Stores, a not for profit organisation that raises funds to build schools, children’s home and vocational training initiatives in developing nations.