preaching programme

What is the Preaching Programme?

 This is a programme assisting Lay people who wish to be licensed to preach in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane. 

 The programme is also open to anyone wishing to increase their understanding of the bible and develop their skills in preaching and teaching the Word.

                                 Our vision

That the word of God will be preached with power and authority by those who have been licensed and trained.


What are the requirements to preach in the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane?


1.In order for people to preach the word of God in Anglican services of worship in the Diocese of Brisbane they need to be licensed to do so by the Archbishop.

2.The ministry of preaching the word of God is an important ministry of the church and should be undertaken by people who are appropriately trained.

3.Licensing to preach the word of God may be part of the license of Liturgical Assistant.

4.In order to be licensed to preach the word of God lay people must satisfy the normal requirements for L.A.’s and in addition must normally have completed at least the four core subjects from the CSU University Diploma of Theology or equivalent plus Homiletics or equivalent and be committed to completing the diploma in a reasonable amount of time

Subjects required

The subjects to be taken to complete the Diploma are:



Introduction to Old Testament Studies


Introduction to New Testament Studies


Introduction to Christian Theology


Being the Church



THL 115  
Liturgical Theology


 Paul and his Letters


 The Synoptic Gospels

THL 320 Homiletics

or other electives approved by the Regional Bishop and after consultation with the parish priest and Academic Dean at SFC.


Where a person has not met the above requirements but has substantial experience in preaching and knowledge of the faith the Archbishop may choose to grant a license to preach the word of God.



    How the Programme works

Given these requirements the Preaching Programme seeks to assist those who wish to be licensed to preach. By making lectures more accessible and by providing mentoring and support during the training process.

There are 2 main options

  1. Enrolling in the diploma completing all 8 subjects through CSU. Paying relevant costs with $100 from your host parish to cover local costs.
  2. Doing the 8 approved subjects internally through SFC. This means that there is no formal recognition for the study. Subjects would be taken as audit then all assessment would still be marked by a SFC lecturer. This would cost $100 from the participant and $100 from the host parish.

Both options involve local delivery of lectures via video link to SFC and a mentoring session each week to cover issues that arise and preaching specific points.  

As part of the programme once you are enrolled you will also start preaching under the direct supervision of your parish priest. Provided that sermons are submitted to the priest before delivery and a feedback session is performed.

All licenses are still subject to the Archbishops approval.

This local delivery of subjects will also be useful for those who are thinking about theological studies and would like to make a start. It will also be possible to include more electives if there is a need. I.e Youth  ministry subjects.


                   Subjects on offer as part of the Preaching Programme:


Semester One

Intro to Christian Theology  Tue 6pm-9pm

Liturgical Theology Thurs 9am-12 noon

Intro to Old Testament Thurs 6pm– 9pm


Semester Two

Homiletics Mon 6pm-9pm

Intro to New Testament Tue 2pm-5pm

Being the Church Wed 6pm-9pm

Group mentoring sessions to be advised after enrolment.