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Study Book – The Meaning of LIFE

Children’s Online Resources

YouVersion – Kids Bible video App is an great resource – especially for children aged 6 or under.

There are over 40 animated stories from the Old And New Testaments available for families to do together, and for children on their own.

On all platforms.

This is the companion website.

There are videos,

Colouring sheets

and also a parents guide for how to do these bible studies at home.

For Older Children

The Bible Project – which many of the youth have done in the last few years – is an excellent overview and works

Bible Study 
Lots of resources are available.
For use in small groups/individuals and families the Discover Bible App –Bible studies and questions you can do with friends.

Via the website instead of the App

E-Pray Daily is an app based on A Prayer Book for Australia. Contact us for access code for Nambour Anglican Parish.
Time To Pray is an app from the Church of England. (Free)
You can find audios of previous sermons by Rev. Ralph on his Youtube channel: